I work two days a week about three blocks from where the guy from Bridgeport tried to blow up a car in Times Square. If the dude had been competent enough to set fire to his underwear, I’d have maybe been off the radio for the next several weeks or months, it’s that close. If he’d been competent and set to work on a Friday or Sunday, instead of Saturday night, he could have taken me out completely.

What’s weird is, I feel less threatened by the car bomber than by the hysterical police response. Especially when it comes to rousting people in their homes—brown-skinned Islamic people, of course, so we’re not supposed to notice the people part.

Here’s how it seems to work.

The cops are always the big heroes. Forget about the fact that the car bomb was discovered by a street vendor (who could easily be an “illegal,” if anybody’d asked). Not a cop. Nor was it cops who figured out the bomber’s identity some kind of heroic geniuses. In another act symbolic of his terrorist genius, the dude who couldn’t make a bomb that would go off, changed plates but not VINs. So the cops know who they’re chasing and they even eventually put him on a watch list. Which is not reviewed by the cops in charge of deciding who gets to ride on airplanes and who is merely tortured by the process meaninglessly. So they catch him after the plane’s on the runway.

All this doesn’t make me feel confident that the billions of bucks spent on “anti-terrorism” have gone to anything nearly as useful as putting Bernie Kerik in prison.

Why are we supposed to even believe that the Pakistani Taliban is this enormous threat to our continued existence? Here’s what we know from the media reports: They train guys who can’t make bombs or hide themselves.

Does this sound like I’m more scared of Washington than of what is going on in Waziristan? It should. Waziristan is a problem created by Washington. So is Gaza. So is Afghanistan. So is Iraq. So was the World Trade Center.

I don’t want the idiot who set off the failed bomb in Time Square anywhere near a matchbook, let alone the open pavement. Put all the terrorists in prison—including the CIA-run terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles, who walks the streets of Miami like he is Lord Mayor although he’s responsible for the very first in-air bombing of a passenger aircraft. (Those who died were mainly Cuban and therefore, in the eyes of Holder and Company, not worth defending.)

Meantime, stop pretending that all that money and all those clowns in their full-dress unis and the poor soldiers standing strapped with machine guns in Grand Centeral Station can make us “safe.” If the government wanted us safe, it would behave differently, here and everywhere.