It’s An “Unprecedented” Oil Blowout–Just Another Lie

It’s An “Unprecedented” Oil Blowout–Just Another Lie

July 2, 2010

Robert Bea, the Cal-Berkeley engineer and expert on system failures, has a great interview in the current issue of Science News where he talks about the equation, A + B = C that leads to things like the BP gush:

“A is important. It’s things like extreme pressures, temperatures, darkness, earth­quakes, hurricanes, ice that goes bump in the night in the Arctic, volcanoes that spew into the sky. This is Mother Nature doing what she has done for millions and millions of years. B is … kind of natural too. It includes people’s hubris, arrogance, greed, ignorance and a real killer called laziness. C is the disaster that comes sooner or later. This story, as we best know it now, is tracking that equation perfectly.”

He’s also asked about “‘quiet failures–things we don’t know about but that could go wrong at any moment. How common are those?” He replies:

I see these in court. I’m involved in one right now — the failure of the flood protection system for greater New Orleans during Katrina. In Australia, I’m working on a challenge that is so like the Deepwater Horizon it’s not funny. The tracks of the Montara blowout [in 2009] are damn near identical to this one. And the American public doesn’t know anything about it.

I decided to find out a little bit about the Montara blowout, and what we don’t know. After I read the 1 Sept 2009 article from, Timor Sea Drilling Spill – Satellite Images Reveal Extensive Slicks, I just got plain disgusted. The satellite images are almost a year old. So it’s not a matter of who didn’t know, it’s a matter of who was unprepared to deal with reality, and who chose oil over the environment and, as far as I can see, profit over life itself. Let me know if this paragraph doesn’t infuriate you at the lies that come from the White House and Congress and the MSM as much as BP itself:

It will take at least several weeks before another drilling rig can get into the area to drill a relief well and control the spill. It’s worth pointing out to folks here in the US, who are considering opening new areas of our coastlines off Florida, Alaska, the Carolinas and Virginia to offshore oil and gas production, that this blowout occurred during drilling operations on a brand-new (installed in 2008) state-of-the-art platform. While these incidents have become less common, they still do happen.

So now we do know.

What will we do about it?

The minimum ought to be dumping the feeble “moratorium” on deep water drilling and replacing it with an outright ban, until such time as the government and/or  industry has a solution that doesn’t require leaving the spigots wide open for months at a time while a cretinous circle jerk ensues.

Here’s another question for those who are not fed up already with this same-old-crap Administration in D.C.: If you just found out about Montara, do you think that’s also true of your Hero President? And if he didn’t know, is that better or worse? After all, he hired the people that didn’t tell him.

You ought to have the same reaction to this as you would have had if the Bush-Cheney gang had been peddling similar lies.

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