An Apology for theĀ absence of theĀ Andre Williams Kick Out the Jams show

For reasons best understood by Loft channel management, and not by me at all, last Sunday’s Kick Out the Jams show, built around the great Andre Williams and his smokin’, dirty R&B did not air. In its place, aired…standard Loft programming, certainly nothing to do with KOTJ or myself.

I have yet to understand or even be told a story about how this happened, since the show was complete on time and ingested into the computer system from which the programming is supposed to be released into the ears of subscribers. True, we are usually a live show, and this one was pre-recorded but this was known by channel management for almost two months. So I can’t tell you why.

But I wanted those who were alerted to this program by this site to have at least an apology from me. I assume that the program will eventually be broadcast and I’ll let you know when.

I presume how angry and insulted I am by this entirely unnecessary lack-of-an-event shows plainly enough.


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  1. Tilly says:

    That’s more than senislbe! That’s a great post!

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