Jimmy Cliff: “Let us send a message to all the leaders of the world today. Tell them that we the people don’t want another Vietnam in Afghanistan!”

It’s said that Bob Dylan once called Jimmy Cliff’s “Vietnam” the best protest song he’d ever heard. If he did, there’d be no reason to argue. If he didn’t, he could’ve.

At Glastonbury, last month, Cliff changed “Vietnam” (41 years old) into a contemporary song once again by changing the title to “Afghanistan.” As you can see here, the only other thing he changed was “letter,” to “email.” It’s a thrilling, powerful, performance of a wise and courageous song.

Not that nothing has changed. In 1970, Cliff was participating in a worldwide movement to end the war. In 2011, he’s trying to help start one.

Let us join him. That’s the only true way to “honor the troops.”

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