Effective December 4, 2011, my Sunday morning SiriusXM program, Kick Out the Jams, which covers the world of music, with an emphasis on music and current events (or music and politics, if you prefer) moves from the Loft (channel 30) to The Spectrum (channel 28). The first show on The Spectrum will be the pre-recorded conversations and music with Airborne Toxic Event and Peter Case that was supposed to have been
broadcast on The Loft last Sunday.

Which is, I am sure, information sufficient in itself to explain the channel change. Kick Out the Jams has been on several channels previously–a show pretty much evenly divided between music and talk would inevitably be hard to place.

The Spectrum should be a better fit, because it plays a more diverse lineup of rock. I’m delighted to join The Spectrum, one of whose channel managers is my friend Gary Schoenwetter and whose programs include Larry Kirwan’s Celtic Crush and Per Gessle and Sven Lindstrom with Nordic Rox. The Spectrum is a rock channel with a harder edge than The Loft, and while Kick Out the Jams is too eclectic to truly fit anywhere except the great, much-mourned Sirius Disorder channel, everybody associated with Kick Out the Jams is grateful to the Spectrum for making room for it.

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  1. Johnson says:

    I’ve followed you from DisOrder to The Loft so there’s no real trauma in having to twist the dial down a couple to catch you on The Spectrum. Yeah they do play more rock but I’ve yet to hear Townes on The Spectrum fwiw.

    I’d like to thank you for introducing me to great talents I might have otherwise missed. Bernie and Paca were raving about Ariana Gillis and I have to agree. It’s one of the most start to finish “listenable” albums I’ve bought in a while.

    Keep KOTJ

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Johnson.
    Suspect we’ll fix the Townes glitch–there’s a new tribute album coming out in January.

  3. Shawn Poole says:

    What in Santa’s name happened to the Christmas-music show yesterday?! In the regular time-slot (10am-12pm), your Dec. 18 episode w/ Matthew Grimm got repeated, followed by a small portion of the Christmas show, followed by about forty mins. of your Thanksgiving episode w/ The Airborne Toxic Event, etc. repeated. What gives? Here’s hoping “The Grinch” isn’t up to his old tricks again. (Without a regular repeat airing scheduled yet on Disorder, is there another way for those of us who remain interested to catch the Christmas show…possibly via a download or by requesting a CD by mail? If nothing else, maybe we could have a complete playlist posted here?)

  4. Shawn Poole says:

    Oooops! I meant to type “The Spectrum” (Ch. 28), not “Disorder” (the now-defunct channel that morphed into The Loft)…Freudian slip of the fingers, I guess.

  5. Dave says:

    That’s OK.
    The quick answer is that a programming error caused the proper show to be broadcast later than scheduled. The rest of what you describe we were unaware of ’til right now (I just got home from Christmas trip), so we’re about to find out a) if the rest of the trainwreck happened everywhere or just at your house and b) why that particular reversion (to the Thanksgiving show) was the default.
    As to the playlist…I’m thinking that if the music really didn’t get out, we’re gonna do Christmas in July.

  6. Shawn Poole says:

    Thanks, Dave, and Christmas in July sounds like a great idea/solution. The small portion of this year’s Christmas show that I got to hear sounded wonderful. Looking forward to hearing the rest of it, even if I have to wait ’til July to do so. Who knows; perhaps this was a fortuitous accident that will help to launch a new KOTJ tradition…two Christmas-themed shows each year: one in July and one in December. (I’m sure that you won’t suffer from a lack of material.) In any case, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all at KOTJ. Keep up the good work.

  7. Dave says:

    See, here’s the difference between theorizing a radio show and actually producing one: To do that kind of research twice a year would be exhausting, you’d be continually stuck between the idea of what belongs in December and what can wait, it would exponentially expand the problems and, worse than that, it would remove whatever was special about doing it in July, it would become just another gimmick.
    Do it once, that’s a different thing.

  8. Shawn Poole says:

    Can’t argue with any of those points above, though I don’t think I really was trying to do so anyway. My July/December “theorizing” was more just an off-the-cuff attempt as a fan of the show to support the spirit of your seeing potentially positive action(s) later emanating from the negative event of the Christmas show misfiring. That’s why I closed that post with the same words I’ll close with now: In any case, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all at KOTJ. Keep up the good work.

  9. k says:

    I have to say I used to enjoy the show on the Loft, but then it devolved, somehow. It seemed to move form interesting and informative to an angry rant. The last thing I want on a Sunday morning is an angry and, arguably, arrogant man complaining in my living room.

  10. Dave says:

    You can send your congratulations to MIke Marrone. I don’t know what you’re bitching at me for–he succeeded, through a variety of mafeasance, in driving me off the channel. So even when you wrote this, you weren’t having to listen to the program on that channel anymore. Not you ever had to, in the first place unless you have some kind of cultish inability to change the channel or shut the machine off.

    Kick out the Jams has been the same from the beginning and its emotional current is exactly the opposite of what you descdribe. It alway starts off low, moves through annoyance and anger and winds up positive and life-affirming. If you didn’t get that, I don’t know a better example of ships passing in the night.

  11. Garrett says:

    Dave, I am a recent convert to your show, being an avid Spectrum listener and satellite subscriber for the last couple years. You bring a nice perspective, it’s really what I was hoping to find on satellite. Glad you switched so that I could hear it sooner. I really enjoyed the guest today, Adam from Low Cut Connie, and loved the first one he played, Rio, the other two were pretty great too.

  12. Dave says:

    Thanks for the support. Adam was an ideal guest, revealing a little more of himself every five or ten minutes, implying stories eve nwilder than the ones he told.
    I want to bring him back with the full band, have them do a Kick Out the Jams concert. We’ve done them in the past with Alejandro Escoved, Bottle Rockets, Krayolas, Lila Downs, a whole bunch of cool people.
    Let us know your point of view, even if it’s not always this kind.

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